OSHA Confined Space Update​ - May 2015

You probably know that OSHA has been talking about a standard for confined spaces for Construction for some time. Guess what. It’s here, and it takes effect August 3, 2015.
One question you might ask is, who is affected by these new requirements? OSHA’s answer is, “All construction employers whose workers may be exposed to confined space hazards.”

UT Center for Industrial Services Celebrates Tennessee Manufacturers

In conjunction with Manufacturing Day nationally, the UT Center for Industrial Services (CIS) is hosting events around the state to promote its Made in Tennessee initiative and honor the state’s manufacturers.

The Manufacturing Day Showcases will be held throughout October in each of the nine economic development regions in Tennessee. The showcases will feature luncheons, plant tours, and presentations to honor Made in Tennessee companies.  Area manufacturers are invited.

Get Started With Lean Manufacturing by Using 5S for Workplace Organization

5S is a technique for organizing a workplace that helps to streamline processes. Tennessee manufacturers can adopt Lean manufacturing principles with the help of 5S.  By using this proven method, Tennessee manufacturers can create safer, cleaner and more organized workplace arrangements.

Getting Started with 5S 
The hardest part is getting started. Lean manufacturing works to eliminate waste in processes and materials, and this is where “5S” can lead the way for a budding new program.


About Tennessee Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an integral part of Tennessee's economy. According to the National Association of Manufactuers, the industry accounts for nearly 15 percent of the state's total output and employs 11.4 percent of its workforce. The goal of the Made in Tennessee program is to support the Volunteer State's manufacturing community by raising awareness of their products and providing resources to help them grow. 


About the Center for Industrial Services

For 50 years, CIS has assisted manufacturers across the state in the areas of business growth, health and safety and sustainability. CIS also has led economic development efforts by helping existing firms become more competitive, develop new products and markets, and by teaching economic development practitioners new approaches to navigating economic growth. For more on CIS visit